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Barracuda Spam Blocking & Spam Filters

Barracuda Hosted Spam Filtering Service
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Received:  (100%)
Blocked Spam:  (100.00%)
Blocked Virus:  (2.11%)
Quarantined:  (4.59%)
Allowed:  (7.96%)
News & Updates
Saudi Arabia Ranked Worst Country in the Middle East for Online Crime, SPAM
Louisiana University Students Targeted By SPAM Phishing Attack
Spam Email Charity Fraud Exploits Unsuspecting Donors
Online Criminal Sentenced to Nearly 5 Years in Federal Prison
Experts Urge Companies to Update Anti Spam Products

Powerful Anti-SPAM: Our Hosted Barracuda Solution Stops Email Threats Before They Reach Your Network

Eliminate spam today with our hosted Barracuda email protection service
Protect your mailbox for $2.50 a month
  • Enterprise class Barracuda technology used by NASA, The US Dept of Homeland Security, Coca-Cola and many more: Now affordable to the small medium sized business
  • Nothing to purchase, install, manage or maintain
  • Your email passes through our filters before reaching your network
  • Powered by Barracuda Networks, the worldwide leader in email and web security
As the Internet and email become the standard in business communication, it is critical to identify and protect against continuously evolving web-based threats. These threats are no longer a simple annoyance; they have become a significant security issue and a massive drain on financial resources.

Anti Spam Filtering and Web Security Services

Perimetec Solutions allows organizations to focus on their core business by providing cutting edge and constantly updated security and productivity tools. We provide industry leading protection to organizations of all sizes and understand the role of technology in business.

We offer the complete line of Barracuda Networks' email, spam blocker and Web security appliances including the award winning spam firewall and web filter. Our hosted email protection service powered by Barracuda was created to provide small businesses the same protection as leading multinationals.

Our strategic partner, Barracuda Networks. Worldwide leader in email and web security.

Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall


Award Winning Technology:

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