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7 Things You Didnít Know About Email Spam Worldwide

Who’s Responsible

Who are the top 3 spammers worldwide?
The Spamhaus project has identified the worst spammers in the world. According to them, the worst person in the world when it comes to Spam is someone called Herbalking. This Indian spammer focuses mostly on replica luxury goods and \ pharmaceutical products. He or she sends more spam daily than anyone else alive. The next on the list would be Vincent Chan based out of Hong Kong (also heavily involved in pharmaceuticals) and Alex Blood out of the Ukraine. Blood doesn’t differ from the last two in that he focuses on pharmaceuticals, but also child porn.
These are the low-lifes who seem to behind the vast majority of spam on the internet. The majority of the top ten list is also made up of Russian or eastern European nationals.

Which country sends out more email spam than any other?
Even though it lacks some of the higher profile email spam celebrities, America is the overall leader of spam-senders in the world, at roughly 20% of the total share. It is often assumed that the spam comes from abroad, but the reality includes a large amount of independent American spammers contributing to the spammy whole, keeping email spam protection services busy.

The Damage

When was the first spam sent?
Even though the term hadn’t yet been coined, it’s pretty safe to say that the first unsolicited ad was for computers in 1978. While definitions can be tricky, the basic rules are clear: you get messages you don’t want selling you products and services you don’t want, and never asked for.

Now, how much spam is sent around the world per day?
Roughly 130 billion spam emails are sent, worldwide, per day, accounting for roughly 70% of global emailing activity. That’s like 9 minutes of actual show time for a half hour TV show, or, well, 70% of a magazine being unwanted ads to filter through. Sad thing about magazines is, many aim to reach a solid 75% ad space. While it’s debatable where to draw the line of what’s solicited and what’s not, and whether or not email is categorically different, the fact is that to spend time sifting through an overwhelming amount of publicity content is a recipe for frowns, regardless of the platform.

How much does spam end up costing?
Aside from keeping anti spam companies in business, spam and the organization measures it forces cost, in the U.S. alone, $13 billion. When you consider not only people hired to stop spam from getting through, but simply the lost time spent manually filtering through emails, plus making up for mistakes caused / business lost through legitimate emails getting labeled as spam, it’s easy to see how costs can add up.

Who’s Suffering

Who gets the most spam?
Hate spam? Do not move to the Philippines. The Philippines receives more spam emails than anywhere else in the world. Roughly nine out of every ten emails received in that country is spam. That’s a large amount of Viagra being potentially sold! Thirty-seven percent of those spam emails originated in China. China, by sheer bulk, sends out more spam than any other Asian country. Not much of surprise there though. When you have a population of 1.3 billion and 12.3% use the internet, then we have lot of people sending spam, especially when we consider zombie machines are sending the majority of spam in the world.

Which country has the fastest growing spam problem?
Russia is the number two sender of spam world wide. Why? Is it some kind of cold war revenge plan plotted out by Ivan in the 1980s? Spam is over thirty years old after all. No! The main reason is that Russian computers are much more susceptible to malware. Malware is a type of spam that overwrites or hijacks IP address and uses them to send out more spam emails while reducing the overall bandwidth for spam originator.  The United States has better malware protection but sends out more emails. Russian computers have been overridden by viruses and are spreading across the globe like an unholy zombie horde. Much like the fears the pentagon had of an actual Russian army.
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