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How to block spam from Facebook

Facebook has more than 100 million users and is one of the most well-known social networking sites in the world. The site is used by members for a wide range of purposes ranging from keeping in touch with family and friends to promoting their businesses. With such a vast array of different activities occurring on the site, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Facebook has issues with spam. However, the site has taken adequate steps to prevent the growth of spam and considering, the fact that it has millions of users, it has so far done a wonderful job of preventing malware and adware applications from getting installed on its members’ computers.

Spammers have long had malicious intentions in using the social networking site Facebook. The site’s security team is fighting a long-drawn battle with spam to ensure users have a pleasant experience on the site.

Spammers have been hijacking accounts of the users and posting spammy wall posts on the profiles of members. Most of the wall posts contain links to sites that are filled with spam. To counter this, the site has introduced a new feature wherein you are required to click on "continue" before proceeding to third party sites which likely contain spam. This feature of Facebook allows users to think before proceeding and is a good way to prevent spam from flooding one's profile. It is important that users develop a sense for links that might be spam. And, if you do make a mistake, the site ensures that it alerts you before you click on the spammy links.

It is also an unwise idea to accept requests from unknown individuals. Wall spam is one of the mere problems plaguing Facebook. There are viruses being spread through the wall posts of the members and malware is being installed when links contained within posts are clicked. It is essential that users be able to identify links that might be spammy. If, however, the user is not able to identify a possible spam link, the site helps the user by deactivating the link(s). This saves the members from going to nefarious sites. This is one of the biggest steps the site has taken in trying to keep spam in check.

The site has been taking other stringent measures to control the proliferation of spam. All user reports of spam are examined, false content is being removed, and spammy links are being blocked. With security in place, Facebook users can look forward to having a hassle free time communicating online with their friends knowing that there is an effective spam block in place.
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